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Finned Bellows Cover

Finned Bellows Cover

 Characteristics The special design of equipping stainless steel armors onto ea...
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        The special design of equipping stainless steel armors onto each fold enables the armor-style protective shield to bear the high temperature of +900℃ caused by impact or glowing fragments. The armors can either be rocking or fixed. In situations where when the protective shield is contracted the armors are forced to rotate out by 90℃ rocking armors are employed. And in situations where the armors are able to remain in their original state as the protective shield can be contracted without any obstacles, fixed armors are used. Using this type of protective shield, fragments’ entering between the armors is efficiently prevented as the prefabricated armors have fine in-between adherence.
1.Stretchable plates installed on the protective shield folds
2.Small space needed
3.Reliable heat resisting protective layer, protecting against the large amount of dust, grind powder and iron fragments
4.The stretchable plates are made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel.
5.Without conglutination

Special Product:X-Y LM Protective Shield (Movable plates)
·The X-Y LM SHIELD (Movable plates) represents the cheapest solution for protecting the working area in horizontal spindle machining centers where there is a large production of hot shavings. This system consists of No.2 horizontal bellows and No.2 vertical bellows, protected by movable stainless steel plates guaranteeing a very functional product for Quality/Price.
·We can guarantee this system for accelerations up to 1.5 G and speeds up 120 m/min. Contact our engineering department if higher performance is required.
·This system also offers all of the advantages of the X-Y 4R Shield.
·The thermic-welded protection bellows are largely used on every kind of machine tool. They are frequently used in machining centers and chipremoving machines. In order to protect the bellow exposed to hot shavings, a shielding made by metal elements,called “plates” will be necessary. For meeting the needs of fastening the plates, the Group presents an effective solution at competitive prices.
The patented “Spring Fixing” fastening system is composed by springs housed in special clamps keeping the plates adherent and loaded one on the other to prevent contaminants and shavings from entering and to allow a rotation up to 90° for making the fastening of the bellow flanges to the machine tools easier.

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